Welcome to the ride

Hi everyone, welcome to my first post! I used to blog back in the day when my son was a baby because lets face it..there was a lot more down time when they used to…whats that word again, oh yeah, NAP. My name’s Chrissy and I’m an almost 30 year old mom trying to figure out the whole keeping your sanity and maintaining some sort of self-care while also being a parent thing. I think theres a huge stigma that when you’re a mom, whether its stay-at-home or working, you can’t ever complain. I was adopted so I understand how truly special it is to be able to raise kids and is something to never be taken for granted, but to act as if its all a walk in the park is unrealistic. I’m hoping to share my own life and also get to know a ton of you while being able to express the good and not so good parts of motherhood (and fatherhood too, hi-ya dads out there!) This blog will be dedicated to going on this journey together as well as random things such as lifestyle posts, easy healthy recipes, lazy parenting hacks and so on. Hope you stick around and reach out because there are few things I love more than getting to know new people. xo Chrissy19225861_10100860708280833_2308575927857912417_n

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