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The Mom that doesn’t quite fit in

Becoming a toddler mom kind of feels like going back to middle school. There’s different Mom cliques, different parenting style, different schools, the list goes on and on. As a first time mom I feel like I dont quite fit in. None of my close friends have kids yet and I find that some moms take themselves too seriously or the exact opposite. I’m sure I fall somewhere in the middle. On top of it, most moms I meet already have multiple kids and therefore enough friends to juggle around. I want so badly to make more Mom friends but I find myself acting like a pre-teen on a first date. I get almost nervous and try to be cool without looking like a crazy lady desperate for attention..but clearly I kind of am. I think there’s a stigma that we need to have it all together; that we should act like we have a great social life, great mental health, every day is so great because that’s how moms should be..but it’s completely unrealistic, and maybe if we all admit to that a bit more it will be easier to make true connections to one another. Now I know once your kid is in actual preschool it will get seemingly easier to form consistent friendships but dang, some days I feel like I’m on my own island wondering how I could possibly be feeling lonely when my toddler never stops needing something from me. A big reason I’ve come back to blogging is because I really love this community and learning about your guys experiences makes me feel more connected to other parents out there. I know other people have experienced this or are going through it and I just want to put it out there that maybe we can all be a little more open and vulnerable with each other..’cause no one of right mind can say this whole Mom thing is easy. Xo Chrissy

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