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Is Thirty the new Thirteen..?

Apparently I’ll be 30 years old in a couple weeks, and honestly I’m having some harsh realizations. Today I was at us Moms do, and I got ridiculously excited over a random pajama set for summer..a freakin pajama set!! Remember in your early twenties when you would get excited over a party coming up or a first date or going on a spur of the moment road trip with your friends..? I get excited about getting to go grocery shopping on my own and freakin pajamas. I feel like theres ebbs and flows before and after you’re old enough to do the “real” fun stuff. For example, when I was a pre-teen and couldn’t drive or do real grown up stuff yet, I got excited about things such as, again, a cute pajama set or my mom dropping me off at the mall with my friends (ah, freedom) or a new burger joint etc. Sound familiar? Then you become a teenager and your interests get more wild, all the way until your mid twenties when the allure of doing crazy things, like taking shots and partying until the early morning, kind of starts to ware off. And here I am again..over 15 years later, excited about the same things that got me hyped in middle school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be at this place in life and actually am really looking forward to my thirties but damn…it’s really crazy how much things change in just five years. The thought of being out until 2 am makes me literally cringe, and I used to be out every single night of the weekend bar and club hopping. Netflix and chill literally turns into just relaxing and watching movies and having a toddler doesn’t really allow for many spur of the moment adventures, however it has shaped me into this borderline Grandma personality who really is happy with the small things in life, and thats pretty damn cool. So while I’ll spare the typical “30 things I’ve learned in 30 years” post, I will say that I think its awesome I’ve even made it this far in life and that theres still so much to look forward to. I remember when my older cousins turned 30 and I was a teenager thinking “Yikes, they’re, like, so old now…” and maybe thats true to some but I’m ready to embrace this new chapter of life and find balance between the little old lady in me and the party loving thrill seeker. Thanks for listening to this random post and I’ll be sure to share some stories from my 30th birthday. Until next time. xo Chrissy

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