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Weight loss tips from a mom trying to get fit

What an enticing title to this could you resist right? Ha. But seriously thank you for those of you who have been so supportive of my posts since I started up blogging again, and for any new readers, welcome to the ride! As many of you know, I’m on a weight loss and health journey. I have struggled on and off most of my life but have gotten pretty unhealthy since having my son…over three years ago mind you but whose counting. To sum up my fitness, I have never had a problem with getting my cardio on; I love going to spin class (inconsistently) and take my son on walks or do the occasional YouTube fitness videos but what I’ve realized is that unless I’m actively losing weight, I’m just gaining those damn LBs. I do however study nutrition a lot and read many different publications/watch documentaries on food health and I am trying to find balance with the nutritional side of health as well. The thing thats different about trying to lose weight at this point in my life is that I’m not just aiming for a number on the scale, I’m trying to fuel my body in a much healthier way and get strong as a motherrr. I’ve been seeing a personal trainer for a little over am month now and thought I’d share a few things that he’s taught me as well as ones I’ve been realizing myself. Per usual, I am NOT a doctor but just someone who knows others struggle like I do and want to share my journey. Alright enough rambling Chrissy, here are some tips that have been helpful so far:

Eat Your Damn Breakfast: Welp unfortunately its true, our parents were right about yet another thing. When they said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, they knew what they were talking about. I always would eat at least a little something but never put much emphasis on breakfast, and since incorporating consistent workouts in my routine Ive realized how important it is. On days, for example, I eat a piece of toast with one scrambled egg I hardly have any energy to put into my day let alone a workout. Ive learned that calories aren’t only what counts but what KINDS of foods you eat and that applies to all meals. Now, especially on days that I have weight training, I will eat literally probably 3/4 of my calories by my noon workout. Sweet potatoes, peanut butter, bananas, fruits, whole foods..those are what give us the energy needed to properly workout and feel good while doing it.
Weight Train: “Oh, no, girls shouldn’t weight train they’ll get bulky, stick to cardio.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard versions of this sentence since I was little and what I’ve seen now is that it’s absolute bullshit. First of all, as we get older (especially us women) we lose so much strength so its important to build on it while we can. Weight training also greatly aids in fat loss and builds up muscle; the more muscle gained the more calories your body burns just to keep up, which is amazing. It also helps with flexibility and for me personally, starting weight training has helped me feel more focused mentally and has given me my own fitness goals to strive for. Also on a side note, find cardio based workouts as well that are FUN to you. For example I love my spin studio classes because it feels like a party and I also go to 24-hr fitness which has really fun fast paced Zumba classes. Experiment and find something you actually look forward to.
Put..the scale..DOWN!: I will be the first to admit that I have had a messed up relationship with the scale for as long as I can remember and sometimes weighed myself multiple times a day, which is so ridiculous and unhealthy mentally. Especially with weight training, you gain so much water weight when you begin and even though my trainer literally explained it all to me, I still would weight myself every day and not understand why my weight wasn’t budging. This then turns into a vicious cycle of becoming discouraged and feeling defeated before even truly beginning your journey. So, for now, put down the scale and focus on other achievements like how your clothes are fitting as well as how you feel emotionally and physically. Check your weight at most once a week to make sure you aren’t completely going the wrong direction but its so much more beneficial to ease up on it a bit.
Eat whole foods: No I don’t mean go to your local Whole Foods and buy some of their awesome fresh made baked goods, I mean eat real foods, like from the earth. I’m still in the process of transitioning to better, healthier foods but after about a month I’m really starting to enjoy adding things like snap peas or fresh fruit (yes it’s ok to eat fruit, don’t let people convince you otherwise, there are SO many health benefits to SO many fruits and I can talk about that later if people want) or edamame beans etc., things that help fill you up and give you natural sustainable energy. And on that note, carbs are ridiculously important for brain health and fuel your body for workouts or just everyday life so don’t fear carbs just learn about which ones are good for your body. Make as many of your meals as possible and avoid overly processed foods, especially for now when your body is adjusting to so many positive changes. You cant out-workout a shitty diet and that has been something that has been really hard for me to understand and am working hard on finding that overall balance with health and fitness.
Live with the discomfort: What I mean by this is when the 9 pm cravings for candy or fast food hit you, just live with that discomfort and DISTRACT yourself. When I feel this way, what Im realizing is that it is extremely temporary, so if a craving hits hard I’ll open my laptop and look at some fun YouTube videos or browse for a new show to binge or literally do anything else to distract me and before you know it the craving and strong urges will pass. And while they may be more common for some than others, just remember that this is soon going to pass and remind yourself why you’re starting this journey in the first place.
Make yourself a priority: I’m sure other stay-at-home parents relate with me on this but I have a hard time making my needs priority, when in reality if I’m not healthy mentally and physically I’m really not able to be the best parent to my son that I could be. So without any guilt, start making yourself a priority. Set a schedule that allows you to get to the gym, even if it means having to go late in the evening when your partner or parent or friend is home form work and can watch your child for an hour or two. Take time to research nutrition and really make this journey something that you do for YOU first and foremost because we all deserve to feel healthy and happy.

As always thank you guys so much for stopping by and I really hope this helps some people in a similar boat as myself. If you are just starting a fitness journey too or have been on one for a while and have more advice please feel free to share in the comments. Until next time xo Chrissy


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