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Orangetheory Fitness: Honest First Impression

Alright guys sorry for being MIA but I did warn you these couple of months are insane. Since I’ve been trying to get my health (both mental and physical) to a much better place, I’ve tried a bunch of different things this year to see what works with me and what doesn’t. The other week after having lunch with my son across the street from an Orangetheory I decided to pop in and see what all the hype was about. I’d also like to note I have no personal ties to this company or any other fitness studios and/or products I use, that would be nice but I have no connections to fitness-related companies. When I walked into the studio a very nice young man (yes anyone under 25 to me now is young,) explained the concept of their approach to workouts and I signed up to take a trial class the week later. I went to the 9:35 class on a Monday and not going to lie, I was really nervous. Luckily for me I was one of four newcomers that morning so it was nice to go into it not being the only one having no idea whats going on. Now if you’re interested in trying an OTF class I’d do some research, check YouTube, go talk to someone at your local studio etc., in order to really see if its right for you or not, but I’ll talk about the main things that really drew me into the workout as a whole. At first we separated into two groups and I was in the group that started on the treadmill/rowing circuit first while the other half started on the floor circuit (aka weights, resistance training etc.) I like how it really is you in charge of how much you will push yourself during class but there are others in it with you; and I should mention I really enjoy how there is a coach there who keeps the group motivated and also helps when you are unfamiliar with something but isn’t all up in your face aggressively like some bootcamp style workouts. Now I went to another class later in the week but could only make it to the 7:30 class and I should have known better because I really struggle as the day goes on (#MomLife) but it was the only option I had that day. It was an incredibly tough workout and I could feel myself getting exhausted but I pushed myself and felt really proud when the workout was over; I won’t lie afterwards I felt really sick and was still nauseated the morning after but I know my body was probably in actual shock. I’m not going to act as if these workouts were the most fun in the entire world but talking to people who have been sticking with them I can see how they become addicting and the results I’ve seen have been incredible of people reaching such amazing fitness goals with the help of these classes. There’s music, the treadmills have personal fans on them which was a huge plus for me and anyone else like me that is very heat sensitive and everyone who worked there has been nothing but encouraging and helpful. So even though I have only had one week there, I did sign up and would recommend this for people who need to shake things up and get their body out of a rut. I hope to do more updates as my journey with this continues and will be back with some fun recipes as well. Whats your guys favorite workouts and have you tried any new “trendy” workouts that you actually were impressed by? Until next time, XO Chrissy


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Has Motherhood made me fat..?

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t struggled with weight issues on and off my whole life. I remember as a kid having a full deli sandwich with a damn LARGE JAMBA JUICE instead of like, I don’t know, maybe a glass of water? I’ll spare the details of the rest of my childhood/teen health rollercoaster so lets fast forward to 3.5 years ago. After having Sean I couldn’t nurse for very long because I was bordering on anemia, so right away the one thing that is really intended to help with weight loss after delivery had hurled itself out the window. Ok no problem (I’d convince myself) and just went about life trying to eat a bit better and take the baby on walks every day, which in retrospect probably lasted maybe 20 minutes if that. As his first year went on I was still out of shape, and when he was around 8 months old my extremely rude gallbladder turned against me. Now let me just take a moment to say that I would not wish a gallbladder attack on my worst enemy, it truly feels as if you are dying. So one of the first things you need to do in preparation for gallbladder removal/ life after is to cut down on fatty foods and eat much healthier so I did because I was sick as a dog, with jaundice on my skin and eyes and just having overall pain. After the surgery I was eating better and losing weight but thats the funny thing about life, it doesn’t really pause for you to get your shit together. So yeah sure I lost some weight but stalled, and then recently started gaining again as Sean has gotten older and I am doing more in terms of getting him to activities but not making time for myself. And yes I know that’s a recurring theme in most of my posts but it really is a huge reality for us stay-at-home parents. The funny thing is that my son eats so healthy, loves salads and fruit more than anything, and here I am just grabbing whatever I can when I get a moment and not caring what I’m putting in my body as long as everything keeps chugging along for our family. Well I’m writing this post to share with others but also to keep myself accountable. I know I will always deal with an unhealthy relationship to food but I’m hoping to end this extreme rollercoaster ride and make my body’s needs as important as the rest of my familys. So, did motherhood make me fat? No, Ive always had weight problems but I sure as hell have let the responsibilities of motherhood serve as a crutch and thats just not an acceptable outlook. Next time I post about my health I hope to be sharing positive changes and feeling better, but I find comfort in knowing I’m not alone in all of it. Alright guys thanks for listening, ’til next time XO Chrissy