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How to Rock a Low Carb Diet + Thanksgiving Treat

Low carb diet + a Thanksgiving treat full of carbs, goes together like PB&J right?! Well actually it can; what I’ve been learning most on this weight loss journey is that balance truly is so important or else success is hard to maintain. By eating less carbohydrates over the past month I have dropped almost ten lbs and feel less bloated than I have in such a long time. One thing that has helped tremendously is that in the mornings I have a smoothie (can we get an Amen for NutriBullets, so mad at myself for not getting one earlier, the cleanup is SO easy!) with a scoop and a half of vegan protein powder mixed with a very small amount of berries, frozen spinach, water and a handful of seeds, such as chia and hemp. This keeps me from getting over hungry right away and gives me the nutrients I need. I would highly suggest incorporating this into your diets if you can. Now, if I’m going to do a workout I will have some hard boiled eggs or whole grain toast with peanut butter etc to go with the smoothie or else I don’t have enough energy to keep up. Instead of processed carbs I have been incorporating non-starchy vegetables whenever possible with meals and snacks and get as much protein as I can to avoid the sluggish side effects than can happen on low carb. Protein stays with us longer as it is digested slower than the other food groups and gives lasting energy instead of highs and lows like sugary items do. I’m not willing to have no carbs at all since they are important for brain function etc so I do have small amounts of fruit and whole grains. If you’re looking to kick start your weight loss I definitely have had success with focusing on lower carb-high protein, however as we know our bodies are all different but I would say it’s worth a try! Now for the fun and festive part: Turkey Cupcakes!

This is SO easy and fun for the whole family to put together. I made these several years ago so the picture quality is not great but I hope you can get the feel anyway. Make some cupcakes of your choice and frost, set aside for the time being. Get Oreo cookies and candy corn; place candy corn into the frosting on top half of cookie to mimic feathers. Take Nutter Butter cookie and with colored icing make eyes and gobbler on cookie to make the turkeys face. Let sit while frosting and icing hardens then stick the Nutter Butter into the cupcake and place the Oreo part slightly behind. Making all of these didn’t take as long as you would think and I had a lot of fun with it! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season ahead of you with loved ones! Until next time xo Chrissy

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Healthy(er) Toddler Treats

I’ve found myself with a toddler who has a KILLER sweet tooth and funnily enough I’m not that into sweets, I’d take some crackers and dip over ice cream any day (cue the Boo’s!) Granted there are a lot of better packaged items now a days in terms of organic, local etc., but when it comes to making my own sweets for him I’ve been at a loss more often than not. These three are SO ridiculously simple I almost feel silly sharing but they always seem to be a hit so why not! Here are three time-saving, organic, non-dairy treat options for kids and parents alike.

Frozen Blueberry Bark

Take a couple handfuls of blueberries and place them on parchment paper or stick-free baking sheets. Take some non-dairy yogurt (we used Kite Hill brand Vanilla) and scoop it on top of the berries; proceed to mix the two items together until the berries are well coated. Place in freezer for at least a few hours. It will become like a chocolate bark so simply break it into pieces and enjoy! (I warned you….easy as, easy as bark.)IMG_3621


Candy Apples

Yet another easy treat that probably doesn’t even deserve the word “recipe” be attached but here we go. Cut apples into toddler-grabbable slices. Get some peanut butter and smooth onto slices, then sprinkle some chocolate chips: we used Enjoy Life brand dairy-free. If you have a nut allergy what I did for the other slices was take some agave syrup and put some dots on the apples where I wanted to place the chips. This works kind of like glue and adds the extra sweetness that the other slices with PB have.


Chocolate Mousse

OK this one is more of a recipe so I’m not a COMPLETE foodie poser. For this recipe you will need:
1/4 C cocoa powder
1 avocado
1/4 C coconut milk (or other non-dairy milk)
2 tsp agave syrup or other sweetener like Stevia
1 tsp vanilla extract
Mix the avocado in food processor or blender until smooth then add the other ingredients. We added chia seeds on top but you could put nuts, fruit, chocolate chips, whatever floats your mousse boats.IMG_3623

I hope you guys give these a try or get inspired to create something super-easy-cool and share with us. XO Chrissy