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Counting Calories: Why I Changed My Mind

I won’t lie, I was very against counting calories during this weight loss journey and pretty much in general. Being someone who has fluctuated and suffered from weight-related disorders for half their life, I felt that counting calories was unhealthy for me and would send me back to a mindset of obsession over calories, macros, etc etc etc. So I simply wouldn’t even entertain the idea and figured that if I ate healthy enough meals and increased my activity I should be able to do this on my own like I’ve done before in life. Well, the thing is, I’m not a teen or in my early twenties anymore and I know 30 is not old in the slightest, but my body just doesn’t react the same way to weight loss as it used to. As I’ve shared before, I’ve been stalled for a while now and knew I needed some help; to maybe take a step back and see if I’m truly eating as well as I thought I was. I decided to download a food tracking app and have been tracking my meals for the past few weeks ON TOP of not weighing myself every single day. I actually could feel that I was doing better with tracking and did my once a week weigh in this morning to find I was down a couple of pounds, whereas before this I literally have either been the same or a pound higher. The thing I’ll say is that I’m not driving myself crazy with the tracking or letting myself get stressed out about it. For example, last night I had tracked most of the day but had a couple snacks (mainly consist of vegetables and a few vegan-paleo type crackers) while I was busy doing laundry, getting Sean in the tub etc., and didn’t track them but knew the snack itself was around 100 calories and I had a couple hundred left for the day as is. The tricky part is not doing this too much since as we all know 100 cals + another 100 cals + one last snack of 100 cals is going to add up, so I’ve just been getting in the groove of knowing whats good for my body and what types of food are going to energize me without using half of my daily intake at once. It was time for me to admit that while I study about nutrition, I wasn’t implementing that knowledge like I should be and it’s been a long time since I’ve been physically and mentally fit. It was time to put myself in check and re-learn how to treat my body and lose weight in a healthy way. Food and weight loss shouldn’t be as daunting as we tend to make it out to be in our heads and what I’ve been forgetting is that it takes if you’re on this journey with me just remember that; we need to do this for the long haul, not just a quick fix. So for now, I’m going to continue to track until I can get myself to a healthier weight and mindset and will keep you updated as always. Thanks for listening and if you have any weight loss advice you’d like to share with us please mention it in the comments. Until next time, xo Chrissy


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This Is 30..

Wow I feel like Ive been gone for ages!! Sorry for my lack of posts this past week, my family from the East coast came to town for my birthday and my parents threw me the greatest party I could have ever imagined. I’m not going to lie, I woke up the morning of my birthday feeling pretty underwhelmed. It’s been a while since I’ve felt excited for a birthday but I thought this one might feel different because 30 seems to be such an important milestone. I remember being a teenager and thinking my cousins who turned 30 were absolutely ANCIENT and that when that was me I’d be miserable, but now that I’m here I really just feel the same to be honest. As the day of my birthday went on and the party started I realized the best thing about turning 30 was having a reason for so many people I love to get together and just have a freakin amazing time. My parents really outdid themselves with the party and people young and old had activities to do, but for the most part my friends and I just stayed on the dance floor rocking out to our favorite Boy Bands and 90s classics we grew up on, which is exactly what I wanted. What I’ve heard from many women is that their Thirties was the best time of their lives and while some of them may just be saying that, I’m going to head into this next chapter with that mindset and just let go of my twenties and embrace being Thirty and Thriving (as they say.) I’m hoping this is when I am able to focus on my health to the best of my ability and really keep trying to balance mom life with everything else that life entails. I hope you enjoy some pictures form my party and will be back to posting regularly this week. If you’re in your thirties or experienced them long ago, let me know how you felt about it and any advice for this age! Until next time xo Chrissy


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Toddler Survival Hacks from a mom in the thick of it all

The other day I had to stop and laugh at myself because honestly its just necessary most of the time. But anyway, I was getting my son ready for bed and realized there was no more diapers, but it was already past his bed time and freezing outside so..I grabbed one of my feminine pads for him and called it a damn day. It did the trick and he didn’t know the difference so I chalked that up to a half assed mom win for the night but it got me thinking, what other types of things do we do to survive toddler life? Obviously I’m not a therapist of child rearing expert, just a fist time stay-at-home Mom whose figuring things out as it goes.

Change your attitude: I know this sounds like asking a lot but honestly, changing my outlook on the minor difficulties has helped my mental state A LOT. For example, the other day I left the boys (aka my son and husband) on the couch to take a bath for some me-time (what a concept right?) The bath bomb had barely started fizzing when I heard my son coming down the hallway and quickly started pounding on the door asking to let him in, regardless of my husband asking him to stay with him. I was trying to have a few minutes of calm, which as a stay-at-home parents is rare as hell, and then he started crying because both doors were locked and he simply wanted to come in but the whole time I was in the bath was anything but relaxing to sum things up. There were times when little inconveniences like this, especially after a rough day, would drive me insane and push me over the edge. Instead, I found myself just laughing (not at his upsets of course but at the situation) and realizing that this is all par for the course. Your rest time will almost always be interrupted, you’re hardly ever alone without a shadow tracking your every move, you’re constantly going to be asked for something, and thats ok, just make sure to set boundaries and when you can..have a really big laugh. This stage wont last forever so I’m just trying to remind myself of that and find the funny in every day toddler craziness.
Improvisation 101: So the other month it was lunch time and I was blissfully unaware as I was heading to the kitchen that I had barely any food food left. No bread or tortillas, no jazzy fruit to liven things up, zilch. We all know a hungry toddler is not the epitome of a good time so I improvised. I took out one of my cutting boards and threw together a “picnic” with a few grapes barely hangin’ onto the vine, a handful of popcorn, some cut up string cheese, snap peas and sliced cucumber. I arranged them in little piles and said were having a picnic day, so we took our picnic board out on the patio and he loved it. Granted he asked for picnics everyday after that for a while but goes to show that just switching things up a bit, even if you were just doing it out of desperation, can make their day (and yours) a lot more fun.
Embrace the tantrums: I know I know, even the thought of tantrums can make us want to crawl out of our skin but the truth is that they are a necessary part of these lil guys lives and how they learn. Now obviously you need to set limits and not allow for physical violence but instead of sending them to time out every time or right away, try to hear them out a bit. They (clearly) dont know how to communicate everything, especially when their speech is still delayed, so tantrums are how they know they can get our attention and let out their emotions. Try to remain as close to calm as possible and sometimes you just have to ride out the tantrum but when my son would calm down, I’d ask him why he was upset and a little later on I would tell him that next time he feels frustrated to say “I’m frustrated!” and a lot of times now he will start getting upset and tell me that hes frustrated before the frustration fully turns into a tantrum. Then I’m able to ask him why and we figure things out a little easier; however there stil lare meltdowns and crying etc…I mean, toddlers aint emotionally stable lets be real. Just know that you are not alone and tantrums are a normal part of their learning process, even if they borderline push us to the edge. Ah, parenthood am I right..?

I plan on making this a recurring series where I can share random hacks and advice I think of and experience but would also love to hear from you guys on this topic as well! Hang in there moms and dads, were all in it together. Until next time xo Chrissy

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Signs I might be a Bad Mom

My son has been sick this week and i had a lot of realizations that i might not be winning mom of the year anytime soon. Disclaimer: I admit I’m not great at many things in life but I do give my all to being a mom and have a pretty happy little dude because of it..that being said..there are many..MANY times I gain some “bad mom” points. These are all harmless and I know I’m not alone so lets all just agree that a huge part of motherhood is simply winging it..and sometimes we succeed a tad less than others am I right?!

  • Like I said, my son has been sick, and I feel horrible for him because I was sick with the same bug the week before, but….everytime he coughs and sneezes my first reaction in my mind is “omg shut the hell up already!!” Of course I don’t say it out loud which is why maybe this only counts as half a bad mom point but still…as I was thinking it the other day for about the 15th time I also wondered what other bad mom things I do or think. But seriously, I didn’t know coughing and gagging was such a strong irritant for me but I sure realized that pretty damn quickly this week #badmom
  • Some days I’m too tried to do anything, like literally making meals is about as much as I have in me, so i make up lies like the parks are closed for cleaning or a storm is on its way so we NEED to stay inside and try to take a nap to ride it out #badmom
  • When his dad is home and I can do some errands on my own for once, my son usually asks to come with me because he really wants to and I cringe inside even though I should be thrilled that he wants to spend more time with me.  But c’mon…shopping alone has become a damn luxury that I only get like once a month so I don’t feel TOO bad leaving them in my dust as I sprint to the car alone #badmom
  • When my son tells stories they literally go on for what feels like 15 hours so I have no other choice but to space out, even if we’re with friends or family. I mentally check in every now and then to see that he’s still going but if I have to hear him explain every detail of a show we watch 15 times a week any longer, I might have to rip my ears off #badmom (no we don’t actually do that much screen time, I know someone out there is hyperventalating at the mere though of it)*
  • I told my son that he couldn’t have those brownies I made for breakfast and then the next morning, huddled over the sink, I definitely ate some of those brownies for breakfast #badmom
  • My son told me I was being rude the other day when I definitely wasn’t and my first thought was “oh okay..ill SHOW YOU RUDE!! GAME ON” #badmom

Obviously none of these things make anyone an actual bad mom so lets spend less time judging other moms and more time cry-laughing at the fact that these 30 lb humans are basically running our entire lives. cheers to all the other “bad moms” out there, keep being amazing and support one another xo chrissy

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Natural cold and sinus remedies to give your body some TLC

Now let me start by saying that just because my dad is a doctor, I am definitely NOT one. I am not telling you that these remedies work for everyone and yes I do take over the counter medicine as well when needed, but these help with a lot of my symptoms and can be used for kids as well so I figured why not share some especially since as parents we’re exposed to sickness a lot more. I have a horrible immune system which has led to my fair share of colds, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections and so on. After a while of pounding medications with very little improvement, I stated experimenting with some natural ways to improve immunity as well and these are ones that have really helped. A lot of kids and parents at my sons school (along with myself) have been sick this Spring so if you are having symptoms right now as well and want to try something new I hope some of these work for you and don’t forget to rest! XO Chrissy

Lemon Water: This is a pretty common remedy so Im not surprised if you’re like Duh Chrissy, thanks for nothing, BUT if you’re new to the whole adding lemon to hot water thing, then please try it out. I have a cup of this in the morning and also at night before bed. It soothes my throat, especially when I get respiratory viruses that lead to me coughing up a damn lung. Lemon is also good for a little immunity boost since it is rich in Vitamin C and prevents the growth of certain bacterias, which also is helpful when trying to prevent or ward off sickness. I also use this trick because I get really bad heartburn, especially during peak allergy season, and hot lemon water helps balance the oxygen form your liver which offers relief for the burn. Also if you don’t mind the taste of ginger, add this to your hot water or juices or tea etc., as ginger is a great soother as well.
Steam Bath: You don’t have to look up your local spa, simply make your own by running a super hot bath and allow the steam to fill your bathroom. Sit in the steam and then once the water cools more, get in and continue to soak up that steam. This helps drain and clear all the area that are clogged in your head and also relax your chest and mucus.
Eat Well: Dairy and highly processed foods are not your friend when sick so avoid these, as well as alcohol and stick to whole foods (no not the grocery store.) Fruits, veggies, and seeds high in vitamins and nutrients get your body as healthy as can be while fighting this cold/virus.
Nasal Rinse: If you’re suffering from sinuses I HIGHLY suggest getting a nasal rinse, and while you can make your own to make this more natural, I would get one from your local pharmacy to be safe. They really help when my sinuses are over congested and literally help flush out all the crap thats going on up in there.
Salt Water Gargle: Growing up my dad would always have me do this and still to his day reminds me to do it when I get sick. Mix 1/2 tsp of salt into warm water and gargle it in your throat but do not swallow, simply spit out after gargling. Salt loosens mucus and helps to flush out bacteria faster.
Elderberry Syrup: Elderberry is a natural immune system booster, especially when concentrated into a syrup. The one I use at the moment is by the brand Sambucus and I get it at Whole Foods. This helps with sinus pressure, allergy symptoms, the common cold and has many other health benefits like aiding in lowering blood sugar.


I hope some of these help, especially for my fellow seasonal allergy/sinus sufferers and those who get frequent colds. Please let me know if you guys use any of these or have remedies you want to share! And of course, stay healthy.

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The Mom that doesn’t quite fit in

Becoming a toddler mom kind of feels like going back to middle school. There’s different Mom cliques, different parenting style, different schools, the list goes on and on. As a first time mom I feel like I dont quite fit in. None of my close friends have kids yet and I find that some moms take themselves too seriously or the exact opposite. I’m sure I fall somewhere in the middle. On top of it, most moms I meet already have multiple kids and therefore enough friends to juggle around. I want so badly to make more Mom friends but I find myself acting like a pre-teen on a first date. I get almost nervous and try to be cool without looking like a crazy lady desperate for attention..but clearly I kind of am. I think there’s a stigma that we need to have it all together; that we should act like we have a great social life, great mental health, every day is so great because that’s how moms should be..but it’s completely unrealistic, and maybe if we all admit to that a bit more it will be easier to make true connections to one another. Now I know once your kid is in actual preschool it will get seemingly easier to form consistent friendships but dang, some days I feel like I’m on my own island wondering how I could possibly be feeling lonely when my toddler never stops needing something from me. A big reason I’ve come back to blogging is because I really love this community and learning about your guys experiences makes me feel more connected to other parents out there. I know other people have experienced this or are going through it and I just want to put it out there that maybe we can all be a little more open and vulnerable with each other..’cause no one of right mind can say this whole Mom thing is easy. Xo Chrissy