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Cute Enough to Eat! Toddler Summer Lunch


These are almost too cute to eat…almost. Let me say that I am taking inspiration from a friend of mine who has made similar treats in years past I just added my own flare, and am sure there are many other versions online so I do not take credit for the idea, just wanted to put my spin on it. These honestly were really easy to put together and since Shark Week is this month I really wanted a shark themed meal to kick off the fun. I hope you guys give these a try or if you make your own summer lunch project please share and let us know! Until next time, XO Chrissy

Underwater Shark Sandy


Bread (we used wheat)
Sandwich fillings (we did a veggie sandwich)
Sandwich condiments of your choice
Chocolate chunk for the eye
Two strips of fresh chive for the mouth
Cut some banana into triangles for the sharp teeth
Cheerio-type cereal


Cut off the crust edges of bread and try to make the shape of a shark’s body. Save crust/bread not used to the side. Make sandwich as you would normally and place on whatever plate you will be using. Use the crusts and remaining bread to cut into the fins and tail. Take two small pieces of chive to form a mouth and put the bananas slices inside to make the teeth. Place chocolate chunk as an eye and cereal to make bubbles form the sharks mouth, then finish off with blueberries to make the ocean. Took only a few minutes and Sean went crazy for it.

Ladybug Crackers


Round crackers
Cream cheese or dairy-free version (we used Kite Hill)
Fresh chives
3 Cherry tomatoes
Black Olives


Smear cream cheese onto cracker. Cut a cherry tomato in half to make wings (or in fourths depending on size of the tomato.) Place tomato halves to resemble wings then place one olive in the center to make the head. Inside olive place two strands of chives to make the antenna. Cut an olive into small pieces to make the spots on the “wings” and voila! Adorable ladybug crackers for these warm summer days.


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Lazy core workout + killer Guac recipe

I don’t know if it’s this never-ending allergy season or the fact that I’m officially thirty now but wow, I am really freakin tired lately, and that’s saying something since us parents are always severely over exhausted am I right?? This past week of birthday festivities has been so fun, however I ate like a 21-year-old on a drinking bender and haven’t slept a wink so my body is slightly dazed and confused in the aftermath. I got back into the gym yesterday for some time on the elliptical and today was my core day. I really took a lazy approach to it due to my current state (ha) and still managed to get a great session out of it with enough sweat to float a boat; albeit that could be my body trying to detox but moving on! SO if you’re having a lazy day or are just getting back into working out, here’s a good core workout that you can literally do from your own living room while your child doesn’t leave you alone..I mean..plays.

Modified Core Workout

(Start with a 8-10 minute warmup on the bike or rowing machine if you’re at a gym or some running in place, high knees etc. if at home.) Now obviously if you have been working out or feel energized etc you can add more reps to this workout, and each week that you do this tack on another rep. Also, if I don’t explain something well enough just message me or the good ole’ internet should help as well. Heres what I did:

Leg raises: lay down flat and engage your core while lifting your legs up off the ground and back down. Repeat movement 10 times (reps), do the 10 reps 3 times ( aka a set of 3) so 30 reps total
Standard crunches: 10 reps, set of 3
Shoulder tap planks: Get in plank position, lift one arm up and tap your opposite shoulder, repeat with opposite arm. Each tap counts as a rep. 5 reps, set of 3
Bicycle crunches: Lay down flat, twist torso with hands at you head, bring right elbow to meet left leg then repeat with opposite arm and leg. 10 reps, set of 3
Hand walkout (harder than it sounds just a warning): Stand up tall then engage core as you lower your hands down to touch your feet, then use your hands to literally walk on the ground as far as you can while continuing to engage your core, then walk your hands back to meet your feet and slowly stand upright again. 5 reps, set of 3
Dead Bug: lay down with arms spread out wide above your head and legs spread out as well. With arms and legs staying straight, lift right arms up to touch left foot, repeat with other side. 10 reps, set of 3

Do this once a week and continually add to your reps as you get stronger. Now onto the fun part. What does a workout have to do with guacamole? Welp, we do the stay with me here…then..we EAT the guacamole! Your mind is blown, I know. If we don’t know each other in person let me just state that guacamole is one of my favorite things on this planet and I love to experiment with funky recipes but there’s just something about a creamy, classic guac that I just really can’t resist. If you try this or have another killer guac recipe you know I simply can not live without, please let me know in the comments below.



Killer Creamy Guac Ingredients:

2 Hass avocados
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2-1 tomato finely chopped
1/4 onion finely chopped
1 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
pinch or two of Himalayan salt


Scoop out avocados and place in a bowl, use potato masher to start mashing them, add in the mayonnaise and continue to mash until it reaches a nice smooth consistency. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir until well blended. Use within a day or two as with most guac or and dips. Enjoy!! Until next time, XO Chrissy

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Toddler Approved Mock-Tuna Salad

This recipe has now been in high demand by everyone in my family regardless of their dietary preferences so thats a frickn win right off the bat. My son literally started eating his like a pig at trough..and yes I saved pictures for future blackmail (sorry bud). It’s super simple, per all my recipes since let’s be honest, who has time for over complicated recipes with 500 ingredients..I sure as hell don’t. As always, if you try this recipe please let me know if you like it or added a twist because I’d love to hear about it.

• 1 can organic chickpeas
• vegan mayonnaise (we love Vegenaise)
• celery
• garlic salt
• pink Himalayan salt
• one fresh lime

Empty can of chickpeas in food processor and blend until a smooth consistency but still elements of chunkiness. If you don’t have a processor or blender you can always empty chickpeas on a cutting board and smash with a wooden spoon or fork, I’ve definitely done this numerous times. Cut celery into small pieces and mix with chickpea paste in a bowl. Add garlic salt and Himalayan salt to taste then add several spoonfuls of the mayonaise to taste as well. Now the lime is optional but I really feel it adds to the overall taste. I cut off 1/4 of a lime and squeeze it into the blend. That’s all!! You can eat it right out of the bowl or put on bread for a sandwich. Optional: I like to cut some avocado pieces and place on top. Hope you give it a try and enjoy! Until next time xo Chrissy


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Natural cold and sinus remedies to give your body some TLC

Now let me start by saying that just because my dad is a doctor, I am definitely NOT one. I am not telling you that these remedies work for everyone and yes I do take over the counter medicine as well when needed, but these help with a lot of my symptoms and can be used for kids as well so I figured why not share some especially since as parents we’re exposed to sickness a lot more. I have a horrible immune system which has led to my fair share of colds, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections and so on. After a while of pounding medications with very little improvement, I stated experimenting with some natural ways to improve immunity as well and these are ones that have really helped. A lot of kids and parents at my sons school (along with myself) have been sick this Spring so if you are having symptoms right now as well and want to try something new I hope some of these work for you and don’t forget to rest! XO Chrissy

Lemon Water: This is a pretty common remedy so Im not surprised if you’re like Duh Chrissy, thanks for nothing, BUT if you’re new to the whole adding lemon to hot water thing, then please try it out. I have a cup of this in the morning and also at night before bed. It soothes my throat, especially when I get respiratory viruses that lead to me coughing up a damn lung. Lemon is also good for a little immunity boost since it is rich in Vitamin C and prevents the growth of certain bacterias, which also is helpful when trying to prevent or ward off sickness. I also use this trick because I get really bad heartburn, especially during peak allergy season, and hot lemon water helps balance the oxygen form your liver which offers relief for the burn. Also if you don’t mind the taste of ginger, add this to your hot water or juices or tea etc., as ginger is a great soother as well.
Steam Bath: You don’t have to look up your local spa, simply make your own by running a super hot bath and allow the steam to fill your bathroom. Sit in the steam and then once the water cools more, get in and continue to soak up that steam. This helps drain and clear all the area that are clogged in your head and also relax your chest and mucus.
Eat Well: Dairy and highly processed foods are not your friend when sick so avoid these, as well as alcohol and stick to whole foods (no not the grocery store.) Fruits, veggies, and seeds high in vitamins and nutrients get your body as healthy as can be while fighting this cold/virus.
Nasal Rinse: If you’re suffering from sinuses I HIGHLY suggest getting a nasal rinse, and while you can make your own to make this more natural, I would get one from your local pharmacy to be safe. They really help when my sinuses are over congested and literally help flush out all the crap thats going on up in there.
Salt Water Gargle: Growing up my dad would always have me do this and still to his day reminds me to do it when I get sick. Mix 1/2 tsp of salt into warm water and gargle it in your throat but do not swallow, simply spit out after gargling. Salt loosens mucus and helps to flush out bacteria faster.
Elderberry Syrup: Elderberry is a natural immune system booster, especially when concentrated into a syrup. The one I use at the moment is by the brand Sambucus and I get it at Whole Foods. This helps with sinus pressure, allergy symptoms, the common cold and has many other health benefits like aiding in lowering blood sugar.


I hope some of these help, especially for my fellow seasonal allergy/sinus sufferers and those who get frequent colds. Please let me know if you guys use any of these or have remedies you want to share! And of course, stay healthy.